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The Leadership team of MSD Egypt in the field of human health

We are proud to play an active role in the success of MSD in Egypt, for our employees, customers and patients. We believe in creating an inclusive, ethically driven and high performing work environment. We not only invest in employee development but also empower all to collaboratively seek solutions to meet our customer and patient needs. Together we can make a difference, together we are inventing for life!

  • Ramy Koussa Ramy Koussa

    Ramy Koussa

    Egypt Cluster Managing Director

  • George Albert Ramy Koussa

    George Albert

    Libya, Sudan & Yemen Managing Director- Vaccines Lead

  • Ahmed Lasheen Ramy Koussa

    Ahmed Lasheen

    Diabetes & Athero Lead

  • Amany El Nashar Ramy Koussa

    Amany El Nashar

    Medical Affairs Lead

  • Hazem Abdel Samie Ramy Koussa

    Hazem Abdel Samie

    HSPD Lead

  • Mai El Ghonemy Ramy Koussa

    Mai El Ghonemy


  • Mai El Sherif Ramy Koussa

    Mai El Sherif

    Business Practice Manager

  • Mark Gayed Ramy Koussa

    Mark Gayed

    Oncology Lead

  • Mohamed Hamdy Ramy Koussa

    Mohamed Hamdy

    Business Operations Lead

  • Nihal Khalil Ramy Koussa

    Nihal Khalil

    Human Resources Lead

  • Nihal Khalil Ramy Koussa

    Rim El Kassaby

    Legal Lead

  • Samah Ragab Ramy Koussa

    Samah Ragab

    Regulatory Affairs Lead

  • Sherine Galal Ramy Koussa

    Sherine Galal

    Finance Lead

  • Suzanne Hassanein Ramy Koussa

    Suzanne Hassanein

    Policy & Communications Lead

  • Tarek Abou Elenein Ramy Koussa

    Tarek Abou Elenein

    Market Access & Commercial Lead