Manufacturing and delivering life - changing products is a significant part of what we do.

We want to be the most trusted and competitive supplier of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, biologics, animal health products and consumer healthcare products to the world's patients and customers, enabling MSD's growth. Our global supply strategy is designed to make sure that we are operating a lean and efficient network while ensuring compliance with rigorous quality, safety and environmental standards. And we're investing heavily in vaccine and biologics production - the future for our industry.

Within our manufacturing division, you will find team players who:

• have outstanding analytical ability and communication skills.

• are ethical people who care deeply about the safety and health of others.

• excel in the fields of biology and chemistry and other related science fields, as well as chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering.

• practice inclusion to make sure all voices are heard equally.

• understand that we are an integrated, interdependent network.

• seek to delight our customers

Manufacturing and Supply opportunities exist in many areas within MSD.

• Science and Technology:Process Engineers and Scientists, Validation Engineers, Packaging Engineers, Technology Transfer Engineers

• Quality:Quality Assurance Auditors, Product Release, Environmental Monitoring, Quality Control Scientists

• Operations:Plant Engineering Mechanics (electric, utilities, HVAC), Facilities Engineers, Maintenance Planning, Managers, Supervisors, Technicians, Associates in areas such as Sterile Manufacturing, Filling and Non-Sterile Processes

• Global Procurement:Buyer/Planners

• Supply Chain Management:Warehouse Operations, Logistics Planning


Manufacturing and Engineering Video

Engineers at MSD have the opportunity to work on the development and formulation of new medicines and vaccines to improve patient care. Associate Scientific Director Aaron Cote explains his experience in the chemical process development commercialization group

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Biotechnician - Vaccine Manufacturing Video

Working in biotechnology at MSD, Tay Jefferson says that the highlight of her career is working with vaccines to address unmet medical needs.

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