At MSD, we all share an extraordinary sense of purpose: helping to improve health and well being around the world.

Working toward this goal gives our employees unmatched experience that is fulfilling on both a professional and a personal level.

Professional Development

Career development is important to us, and our people are continually learning. We provide structured processes, tools and a culture to help our employees shape their careers and reach their fullest potential.

We put you in charge of your career at MSD by making professional development a self-directed process. We provide learning opportunities and initiatives - both internally and with outside partners - and you work with the support of your manager to pursue areas of interest and benefit to you. Development opportunities could include on-the-job options, such as stretch assignments, mentoring, shadowing, rotational programs and leadership programs. We also offer extensive, globally accessible training and development resources.

Work/Life Flexibility

Whether it's caring for your children or an elderly parent, or other activities or responsibilities, everyone has other commitments outside of work. We understand the importance of those commitments. That's why we have a global flexible work arrangement policy that allows our people to strike a greater balance between work and life. We are results-oriented. "What" is produced or accomplished is more important than "when" or "where" work is done.